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Join #GROWPROECO2022 and clean the plastic from the Ocean

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Our goal

The project 

It is estimated that by 2050, the sea will contain more plastic than fish. Plastic breaks down into smaller pieces, causing irreversible damage to marine life. We must do something about it.  

As part of our commitment to improving people’s quality of life and respecting and taking care of our planet, in GrowPro, we’ve decided to take matters seriously and bring into action an ambitious project we all make a part of. 

Our goal

Honoring our core values

We are committed to clean 2 tons of plastic waste from the sea by 2022.

How are we doing it?

For every student hiring one of our experiences, GrowPro commits to clean one kilogram of plastic from the ocean. 

Also, we are incorporating hundreds of events and activities that will contribute to the cause. Our Growers and the GrowPro Team will play a significant role by:

In partnership with Gravity Wave, we will have a group of fishermen, who will go out to the sea to collect the plastic that ends up in the water and bring it back to the land to give it new uses, manufacturing items made of recycled plastic.

On the other hand, we will help our Growers to be aware of the consequences of plastic usage, how we can reduce its use, and how to recycle it. 

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Why fighting against plastics in the sea?

4 strong reasons

1. Plastic is the most abundant waste in the sea

Every year, our seas and oceans receive more than 8 million tons of plastic, harming marine life. Many times, we consume Microplastics coming in fishery products. 

2. A great oxygen generator

The sea produces between 50% and 80% of the oxygen emitted to the atmosphere. 

3. Natural thermostats of our planet

The seas and oceans are our great climate regulators.

4. Natural temperature controllers

The seas and oceans absorb nearly 25% of the greenhouse gases emitted worldwide.

Join our cause

Choose one option to join us and clean the seas with GrowPro

If you purchase a GrowPro experience from October 8 of 2021, to October 8 of 2022

You will be helping to clean up one kilogram of plastic from our oceans.

If you are not one of our growers, but live in one of our destinations

You can join our ECO events in all our cities.

You can donate the kilograms you want us to clean.

I want to collaborate

This is a nonprofit project. All proceeds generated will be fully applied to the compliance of the goal established.